Cross-cutting areas

Dans le cadre de SFERE-Provence, des programmes peuvent se constituer de façon transversale aux trois axes thématiques identifiés. Ce peut être pour aborder des questions de méthodologie des recherches portant sur les questions d'éducation et de formation. Ce peut être également pour accompagner le travail d'équipes pluridisciplinaires autour de projets de recherche portés par la structure fédérative.

Structure Fédérative d’Études et de Recherches en Éducation de Provence (FED4238)


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Anne Scher

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Structure Fédérative d’Études et de Recherches en Éducation de Provence (FED4238)
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Aix-Marseille Université, national public corporation in the areas of science, culture and professional training.
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IUFM Aix-Marseille Université

Research Area 3 - New tools and educational devices

Thanks to the digital revolution, information, communication and nanotechnology are now omnipresent in our daily lives. There are numerous technological challenges existing in these domains, and we must now think about new uses and our responsibilities, but also the efficient management pf technology in academic and professional activities. What role do these technical objects have in the construction of a culture? What is the role of human knowledge and ideas in the production of objects?

Research area 2 – Constructions and dissemination of knowledge


Manager : Perrine Martin (ADEF)

Research area 1 - Professionalism and social educational practices

This area of research aims to come to grips (in the European Union's current climate) with changes in the educational environment and changes in public policies on education and training within specific contexts, and their application in academic and non-academic environments.

Scientific activities

Teaching, education and training make up a domain of empirical research. It presents us with a variety of complex subjects and problems for scientific analysis requiring the cooperation of many different disciplines.


The directorate of SFERE-Provence is coordinated by a General Committee  which works in collaboration with members of the administrative team and the programme coordinators. It summons the Steering Committee as well as the Scientific Advisory Board and oversees implementation of the federation's projects.


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