Teaching, education and training make up a domain of empirical research. It presents us with a variety of complex subjects and problems for scientific analysis requiring the cooperation of many different disciplines. Today, this complexity continues to grow: the evolution of practices through the widespread use of new tools and technology and rapid innovations; epistemological diversity with the development of the humanities and social science which is becoming increasingly specialised and with the multiplication of specific theoretical and methodological approaches; the diversity of learning groups; development of ideological sociological and economic problems on a global scale.

Three key lines of scientific research have been put forward to structure the broad offering of education and training research that exists within SFERE-Provence. These key lines of research are complemented by cross-cutting research themes which are designed in the prospect of methodological research work, or in response to national and international calls for tender.

Research Area 1 : Professionalism and social educational practices

   Programme 1.1. : Educational policies and academic territories and trajectories
   Programme 1.3. : Caring for students with special educational needs

Research Area 2 : Constructions and dissemination of knowledge

   Programme 2.1. : The dissemination of science and technology  
   Programme 2.2. : Language learning in academic community and extra-curricula activities

Research Area 3 : New tools and educational devices

   Programme 3.1. : Multi sensory integration and educational materials
   Programme 3.2. : Artefacts, organisations and mediation of knowledge

Cross-cutting areas

   Methodologies and statistics for researches in Education