The directorate of SFERE-Provence is coordinated by a General Committee  which works in collaboration with members of the administrative team and the programme coordinators. It summons the Steering Committee as well as the Scientific Advisory Board and oversees implementation of the federation's projects.

The Steering Committee advises the director on implementation and the management of SFERE-Provence based on scientific policy as defined in the quadrennial project, and as decided by the Scientific Advisory Board which also has a management role.

General policy for SFERE-Provence is defined by a Scientific Advisory Board made up of a General Committee, the heads of laboratories, programme coordinators and their representatives, representatives for the various categories of personnel (professors, doctors, head lecturers and research officers), as well as external participants.

The Advisory Board meets once or twice a year depending on requirements. It makes decisions on the the research areas to be prioritised, expenditure on large-scale equipment and on the structural organisation for education and training research carried out by the federation.

The Scientific Advisory Board's reports are available on the "documents to download" page.

The General Committee

      Ginestié Jacques (ADEF)                    

      Assistant Director   
      Barbier Marie-Laure (PsyCLE)

      Head of Research Area 1 - Evolution of professionalism and social educational practices
      Fonvielle Stéphanie (LPL)

      Head of Research Area 2 - Learning situations and the organisation of knowledge
      Martin Perrine (ADEF)

      Head of Research Area  - New tools, new educational audiences and devices
      Agostinelli Serge (LSIS)

The administrative team

      Head of Administration
      Thébaud Muriel

      Scher Anne

Programme coordinators

      Programme 1.1. :Educational policies and academic territories and trajectories             
      Legardez Alain (ADEF)                        
      Lorcerie Françoise (IREMAM)                        

      Programme 1.2. : Interpersonal relationships and learning
      Romain Christina (LPL)
      Pasquier Aurélie (LPC-LS)

      Programme 1.3. : Caring for students with special educational needs
      Feuilladieu Sylviane (ADEF)
      Felix Christine (ADEF)
      Gombert Anne (PsyCLE)

      Programme 2.1. : The dissemination of science and technology                
      Martin Perrine (ADEF)            
      Escarguel Alexandre (PIIM)    
      Programme 2.2. : Language learning in academic community and extra-curricula activities
      Barbier ML. (PsyCLE)
      Davin Fati  (ADEF)
      Roubaud Marie-Noelle (ADEF)

      Programme 3.1. : Multi sensory integration and educational materials            
      Ducrot Stéphanie (LPL)                
      Tsao Raphaèle (PsyCLE)            
      Velay Jean-Luc (LNC)

      Programme 3.2. : Artefacts, organisations and mediation of knowledge
      Agostinelli Serge (LSIS)
      Brandt-Pomares Pascale (ADEF)

The Steering Committee

      Members of the General Committee

      Managers of research units and their representatives
      Alleaume Ghislaine (IREMAM)
      Biagioli Nicole (I3DL)
      Coellier Sylvie (LESA)
      Layet Jean-Marc (PIIM)
      Ginestié Jacques (ADEF)
      Nguyen Noel (LPL)
      Ouladsine Mustapha (LSIS)
      Tardif Carole (PSYCLE)
      Vaux Lionel (IREM)
      Vauclair Jacques (PSYCLE)

      Representatives of programme coordinators
      Legardez Alain (ADEF, prog. 1.1.)
      Romain Christina (LPL, prog. 1.2.)
      Feuilladieu Sylviane (ADEF, prog. 1.3.)
      Martin Perrine (ADEF, prog. 2.1.)
      Chnane-Davin Fatima (ADEF, prog. 2.2.)
      Velay Jean-Luc (LNC, prog. 3.1.)
      Agostinelli Serge (LSIS, prog. 3.2.)

The Scientific Advisory Board

      Members of the General Committee

      Heads of research units and their representatives

      Representatives of programme coordinators

      Elected members for research area 1   
      Alpe Yves (PR, ADEF)
      Lebatteux Nicole (MC, CEPERC)
      Richit Nathalie (Docteur, ADEF)

      Elected members for research area 2   
      Peyron-Bonjan Christine (PR, ADEF, Axe 2)
      Gruca Isabelle (MC, I3DL)
      Thierno Ly (doctorant, ADEF)

      Elected members for research area 3
      Larini Michel (PR, L3M)
      Dollo Christine (MC, ADEF)
      Fabre Marion (Doctorante, PsyCLE)

      External public figures
      Besson Mireille (DR CNRS, Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitive, AMU)
      Girard Philippe (PR, Directeur de l’IUFM d’Aquitaine – Université Bordeaux IV, CARECS)
      Schadron George (PR, Laboratoire de Psychologie Expérimentale et Quantitative, Université de Nice)