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Journal Article
Picard, D. (2015).  Sex differences in scores at the Draw-A-Person Test across childhood: Do they relate to graphic fluency?. Perceptual and Motor Skills. 120, 1-15.
Lafraire, J., Rioux C., Roque J., Giboreau A., & Picard D. (2016).  Rapid categorization of food and nonfood items by 3- to 4-year-old children. Food Quality and Preference. 49, 87-91.
Picard, D., Martin P., & Tsao R. (2014).  IPads at school? A quantitative comparison of elementary schoolchildren’s pen-on-paper versus finger-on-screen drawing skills. Journal of Educational Computing Research. 50, 203-212.
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Mazella, A., Albaret J-M., & Picard D. (2016).  Haptic-2D: A new haptic test battery assessing the tactual abilities of sighted and visually impaired children and adolescents with two-dimensional raised materials. Research in Developmental Disabilities. 48, 103-123.
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Rioux, C., Picard D., & Lafraire J. (2016).  Food rejection and the development of food categorization in young children. Cognitive Development. 40, 163-177.